Sunday, June 1, 2014

Quilt Update and Super Hancock Fabrics Buys!

Dear Craft Diary,

I have had such a busy crafting weekend...well, busy for a beginner. 
First, I went by Hobby Lobby and with my 40% off coupon in hand I bought crib size batting. It's alot thicker than I would like...but the good  stuff was too expensive for my first quilt project.
Then, my crafty sewing spidey senses told me to check out Hancock, I had just read an email from them stating that I can get $5 off. So, I said "Go, go, Crafty Senses" and off I went. As I was walking in, I saw an ad stating that if I text HANCOCK1 to 46208, I will get 10% of my total purchase. So, I told myself, "Self, if you see that you are purchasing more than $50, make  sure to send that text". And boy, did I spend more than $50! EVERYTHING was on sale! Cotton Fabric regularly $5.99 was 40% off! I bought all the unisex polkadots I could find...for my next quilt. Simplicity patterns regularly about $15 were $1.99!! I went through and found simple patterns. Batting was 40% I got a full bed size. Some fabric was on super clearance....I like coupons and sales...but, I LOVE clearances. I bought some Halloween and Christmas fabric for $0.59 a yard!! And thankfully, I had a super amazing sales lady helping me out with my million questions. Can't remember her name..but, she was super cool. 
So, I then rushed home to try to finish my quilt and start on a baby bib...cuz I got a pattern for it. I was ready!
Blah! I need  help with the trim of the quilt..I don't know what to do. I will need to call the master, my mother. But, asking a favor of her always comes with strings attached. But, I will sacrifice it, for knowledge of what to do next. Also, I had a heck of a time with that "simple" baby bib. My binding technique didn't you can see...I didn't even sew it right.
I embroidered "Liam" on the bib. That would have been the name of my son, if I ever had one. My daughter's name is Lauren. Lauren and Liam. Cute right?! Oh, whatever. I like it :) But, no dice. Lauren is my one and only. :)
Maybe I will try my other projects, and then gather all of my issues and make THE CALL to my mother.
I am going to try the doggie clothes, next.
Wish me luck!
Love, Me

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