Wednesday, February 16, 2011

No Sew Fleece Throw

Dear Craft Diary,

Valentine's Day has come and gone. And I am still waiting for my Sewing for Dummies book to come in. But, I really wanted to create something. I found instructions for a No Sew Fleece Throw . So I figured out what size I wanted to make my throw. I decided on a toddler bed size blanket 33" x 66". I chose a girly print. And it came out pretty cool. Make sure you keep your fabrics together or you will end up with a mess. You should try it, send me a pic if you do. :)


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Yummy Valentine's Day Flowers!

Dear Craft Diary,

Valentine's Day is around the corner! And I don't want a bouquet of flowers that will die in a few days....hmmmm...wish there was a bouquet of flowers that will not end up in the trash...

I've got it! A Cupcake Bouquet!

Very easy to make....grab a pot size of your choice...a styrofoam ball that fits tightly into the glue some green shredding paper (or whatever you feel can hide the ball from view)...position your cupcake and pierce toothpicks through the cupcake all the way in to the styrofoam ball until it is sturdy (careful, too many toothpicks too close will weaken the cupcake)...then pipe your favorite icing with a 2D decorators tip (pipe from center first and then keep circling until you fill the top surface) can add icing leaves with your favorite leaf tip..and if you want to get real fancy spray food coloring on your cupcakes for a realistic effect...decorate your pot how you like...AND....Wait for the "Wow!" factor. :)
Your cupcake bouquet will be gobbled up and not end up in the trash...
Happy Valentine's Day!

I wanna learn to........

Dear Craft Diary,

I have started this blog to chronicle my craft learning journey. I am pretty crafty, so hopefully I learn alot. My goal is to learn to sew an awesome quilt. I know "quilt"? My friend had a baby not to long ago, and she was given homemade quilts, and they were beautiful!!! I felt silly with my store bought now I want to learn...and maybe next christmas i can give everyone quilts....hmmm, that is a lot of quilts...okay maybe next christmas all the kids will get quilts!!! that's better. :)

First up, a book to get an understanding of what I need to create my masterpieces.

here we go!

love, me